Riding safely

Avoid Horse Riding Accidents – 10 top tips for riding safely


  1. When riding make sure you wear full protective clothing including a helmet and back protector (note it is a legal requirement for children under 14 to wear a riding helmet).
  2. Wear proper boots, numerous leg injuries are caused by feet getting stuck in stirrups due to riders wearing inappropriate footwear such as trainers.
  3. If riding in the late afternoon or evening wear florescent clothing (if riding on the road it is good practice to wear this at all times).
  4. If you are going to be riding long distances or riding in the countryside alone, then make sure someone else knows what route you are taking and take a mobile phone for emergencies.
  5. If you are an inexperienced rider then always follow a guide when hacking.
  6. Check your riding equipment before you set off. Re-check the girth after 5 minutes into your ride to make sure that the horse has not tightened and released its stomach muscles which loosens the girth.
  7. Look after your tack. Defective tack is often caused by brittle leather or stitching due to a lack of care.
  8. Learn and observe the Highway Code when riding on the road.
  9. When working with horses or using stables, observe the livery code of conduct and be aware of your surroundings.
  10. Keep an eye on young children around horses. Make sure that they do not walk behind the horse as they can suffer serious injury if kicked. 

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